Master Pizza Union N.J.

Master Pizza Union N.J.

2704 Morris Ave Union, New Jersey 07088

Phone: (908)-964-4600
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    About Us

    The humble beginnings of Master Pizza and our delicious Italian cuisine, all dates back to Italy in the early 1900. The Castronovo family originates from Bagheria, Italy in Northwestern Sicily where they worked in the lemon groves.<br /><br /> Nonna Francesca, Nonno Antonino, Nonna Vincenza, and Nonno Santo created the original recipes and instilled a love for cooking that has evolved into the true flavors of Italy that keep local residents coming back to Master Pizza again and again.<br /><br /><br /><br /> From the making of tomato paste in wooden boxes in the fields, to the delicious gravys and recipes they developed, the use of the freshest and finest ingredients was always stressed.<br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /> Frank and Dora Castronovo brought those recipes to America and created the tradition that is now being carried on by their five sons today.

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    Death Fries: Side of fries ($4.70), Every single option added ($6.40). Be careful what you wish for. Posted by Dmitriy
    Thanks! Posted by Dmitriy
    A little expensive, but the food is delicious and the delivery service is great! Posted by Robert
    A little expensive, but great pizza and delivery. Posted by Robert
    Delicious. Posted by Dmitriy
    Asked for no chips in Special Instructions - still got chips. No big deal. Would give 4.5 starts. Posted by Dmitriy